Sunday Evening Ache 1-13-13

Its that time again…. The Sunday Evening Ache.

What song will get me through this week?

I heard a song on Pandora this weekend… I can’t get it out of my head…

Five O’clock World by The Vogues

I have heard it in one of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time. My mom would play this a lot. I have a lot of memories of my mom playing the “Good Morning Vietnam” soundtrack tape. YES … TAPE…. I would have the entire soundtrack memorized, the songs, and even the Adrian Cronauer bits. The funny thing is, as much as I loved the soundtrack, I was too young for the movie, so I wasn’t allowed to watch it…. But I am telling you, I really think the music is great on it!

It’s and “Oldie but a Goodie”


I have also heard this song from one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The Drew Carey Show. It was one of his many different opening segments.

Have a great week… help each other get through it!

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What is in your toolbox?

A toolbox. A Dads toolbox. I am looking at a toolbox in another way than hardware tools. A toolbox on this site has a different meaning. The meaning of a toolbox on this site is what makes a Dad unique. So on this blog I am going to share with you what is in my toolbox. Sports, my kids, personal finance, music, sales, and my church just to name a few…

So… Whats in your toolbox?