Wegmans…. WOW…

So, I will tell you this… I don’t like grocery shopping. When you have 2 kids, its just not fun… but today, it was not bad at all. Our town just had a Wegman’s open up. I have gone on weekends, and through the week. DON’T GO ON WEEKENDS… it is way, way, way too crowded. Other than that, Wegman’s is a pretty cool grocery store and they have taken my business way from Giant, Safeway and Bloom. And here is why…

Variety. They have everything. Plain and Simple… Everything.

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Money Saving Ideas….

Do where do you get your paper towels or toilet paper, or other large bulk items? Walmart? Wegmans? Target? Sams Club? Which is cheaper?

A lot of people don’t look at Amazon for this. Amazon has a subscribe and save program that is actually pretty darn good. You can subscribe to receive your product in different intervals, and shipping is free if you are a prime member.

So We did this for a while. It worked GREAT for diapers!

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