Adoption Help In Russia

I don’t know a lot about adoption. In fact,  I know VERY little. I know people that have adopted and I know people that are going through the process now. I have read a little bit about the travesty that is taking place in Russia. If you don’t know whats going on, I strongly suggest you look into it. It is truly ridiculous as to what is going on in Russia. Do a Google search for “New Russian Adoption Law” and let me know what you think….

It is a shame that country politics get in a way of a family’s happiness, and more importantly the well being of a child. Two of the nicest people I know are stuck in the middle of this situation in Russia. Two of the best parents a kid could ask for. Their son and hopefully soon to be adopted child are blessed to have these people as parents. I can not put into words how lucky these kids are.

But Kremlin and Putin are getting in the way. Action needs to be taken.

I am asking for anyone reading this to sign a petition for the President to Diplomatically bring a resolution to the Russian adoption crisis.

I never ask people to do these things. I personally think alot of these type things are fake petitions. But I am here to tell you….THIS IS REAL. VERY REAL.

Please go to the following website, and sign the petition.


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