Baltimore Fans are Passionate

Baltimore Ravens logo

Baltimore Ravens logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live in the Baltimore area. Been here for over 10 years now. While living here, people would ask me, who is my favorite football team… I would say, I root for the Ravens, Redskins and Steelers (yeah, I know too many teams… I have moved around a few times) but I am a FAN of the Bears… I think I am about to add a second team to that FAN category. But I need to be careful  I do not want to seem like I am jumping on the Ravens bandwagon just because they won the Super Bowl. So I guess I need to gain acceptance from a member of the Raven Nation…  Before I get yelled at by my fellow Bears Fans (Karl, Patrick, Jason) don’t worry, Bears will always, ALWAYS be number one in my heart.

This football season I couldn’t help but to get behind the Ravens. The playoffs were exciting. Heck, the whole season was exciting. Lots of ups and downs. I always knew the Ravens had their loyal fans. But my god, did you see the parade? Local news reports say that there were 200,000 people in attendance to watch the parade and celebration at the stadium.

200,000 !!!

I was really impressed with the turn out and how the city put on the celebration. As an adult I never lived in a Championship City before. I have lived in Chicago area during the Bulls “Repeat Three peat!”, but I was just a kid. But watching the parade and the celebration in the city, I thought it was just as cool as cool can be. Awesome, truly awesome. Times like this I am really happy for my friends Gary and Karen. They bleed purple, and their kids bleed purple…

I am not the biggest Ray Lewis fan, but the city has really gotten behind him and supported him. When Ray Lewis’ vehicle came along in the parade, the barricades could not hold the people back, and they swarmed Ray’s vehicle, and a lot of the fans walked with that vehicle all the way to the stadium. I seriously thought things were going to get out of control. But they didn’t get out of control, the fans were just that NUTS… or some would say… Passionate.


Take a look at WBALTV and look at the pics/videos. Also look at the Baltimore Sun’s coverage too.

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I know its football season, and I love football, but while I was channel surfing I came across a commercial for the First Tee. The First Tee is an organization that is PGA endorsed and is for kids 5 and up. I know teenagers that have done this, and I signed my oldest Daughter up this past Spring. She had a blast. They teach all the necessary life skills through golf. The pricing is very reasonable. The child will receive a t-shirt and a golf hat. Next time I sign my oldest up, I want to ask to volunteer. I truly believe in what they are doing, and if the kids can gain some valuable golf lessons and life lessons… you can’t go wrong.

Positive youth development through the game of golf.

The First Tee.

It all started with my daughter going with me to the driving range. She did really well. I was quite surprised how fast she picked it up. So I wanted to take her skills to the next level and I signed her up. She had a blast. She asks me all the time when we can go back to the driving range.

Look and see where your closest First Tee location is… 

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The Ultimate Sports Family Moment

The Ripkens

A Father and his sons.

What are some of the greatest families in sports? Griffeys? Earnhardt’s? The Mannings? There are several families in sports, from Nascar, to baseball, to football, and even Professional/Fake Wrestling… In my opinion, you have to say the greatest family team are the Ripkens…

Who do you think are the Greatest Sports Family?