Personal Finance Dad

I am proud to say I am in a different place than I was this time last year. Last year I just started a new job, working less hours, I had two car payments, a mortgage, and a little credit card debit. Around this time, my Sister In law gave me book to read… Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. This book is amazing… I can not tell you enough, this book is amazing.

If you have debit, little or a lot, even if you don’t have any debt… You need to read this book. It will tell you how to get out of debit and more importantly how you should be saving your money… It will give you tips on how you can achieve a savings goal of a 3-6 month emergency savings, make sure you have 401k, college savings etc… Another perk I was not expecting… Dave ties money and faith together very nicely.

So a year later, we have no debt (except for my mortgage), we refinanced, we have no car payments, and we do not need a credit card… Debt Free… It is a wonderful feeling…

Give it a try…. Tell me what you think!

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Wegmans…. WOW…

So, I will tell you this… I don’t like grocery shopping. When you have 2 kids, its just not fun… but today, it was not bad at all. Our town just had a Wegman’s open up. I have gone on weekends, and through the week. DON’T GO ON WEEKENDS… it is way, way, way too crowded. Other than that, Wegman’s is a pretty cool grocery store and they have taken my business way from Giant, Safeway and Bloom. And here is why…

Variety. They have everything. Plain and Simple… Everything.

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Money Saving Ideas….

Do where do you get your paper towels or toilet paper, or other large bulk items? Walmart? Wegmans? Target? Sams Club? Which is cheaper?

A lot of people don’t look at Amazon for this. Amazon has a subscribe and save program that is actually pretty darn good. You can subscribe to receive your product in different intervals, and shipping is free if you are a prime member.

So We did this for a while. It worked GREAT for diapers!

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