For What Its Worth – Tooth Fairy Fails AGAIN

The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000

The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another good TRUE Story from my friend… I can’t make this stuff up!

For What Its Worth:

My son’s second tooth fell out while he was riding in the car with my wife.  She told me that somehow he dropped it and neither of them could find it in the car so he was completely depressed about the whole thing.  Most of his frustration was because after only getting $5 from that cheapo Tooth Fairy for his first tooth, he learned the hard way that $5 doesn’t get you very far at the toy store these days.   We convinced him to save it until more teeth fall out so he can buy bigger.  I have no proof of this, but I suspect he spent the following night punching himself in the face or picking fights at school because miraculously he lost tooth #2 within 24 hours of that conversation.  Anyway, without a tooth to leave under the pillow he wouldn’t get paid.  My wife put him in a warm bath to calm down and she went back to the car to look for the missing tooth but no luck.  So, like any dedicated parent would do, Mom improvised.  She went and got tooth #1 which had been taken by the fairy the night before and brought it inside proclaiming that she found tooth #2!  He didn’t suspect anything so Mom was a hero that night.  He cashed in the tooth so now he’s got $8 in his tooth treasury.

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For What its Worth: The Tooth Fairy Fails

The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000

The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good TRUE story from a friend of mine…

For What Its Worth – Tooth Fairy Fails 

Last week my son lost his first two baby teeth.  This gave us two chances to wow him with a surprise from the Tooth Fairy (rumored to be Santa Clause’s mistress).  The whole thing caught my wife and I by surprise.  We didn’t have a game plan on how to actually set up the tooth drop off and subsequent money exchange.  For Christmas each year we set out cookies and milk, make sure we leave ADA compliant egress to the fireplace and put our son to sleep.  As soon as he’s sleeping we take a few bites of cookies, drink the glass of milk down to half, and pile the gifts under the tree.   Since this was our family’s first tooth fairy operation, there was bound to be complications.  Like, for example, what if you put the tooth in a tiny container under his pillow and somehow forget to make the money drop?  How do you deal with a kid who wakes up crying because that old witch-fairy didn’t bother to visit?   Or, for example, what if the tooth is lost before it can be buried under the pillow?   How do you deal with a kid who bursts into tears because he’s not going to have anything to offer the Tooth Witch?  Yes, both those things happened to us last week.  How would you handle those situations?  Would you tell him it was going to be OK, distract him with something else and let him realize that life goes on?   Or would you take some heroic measures to maintain the fantasy and preserve his childhood innocence?  You guessed it, we took the heroic route to save that Tooth Witch’s reputation.

We took the time to put his tooth in a tiny box in preparation for the great tooth fairy visit overnight.  We woke up the next morning to the familiar sound of our bedroom door creaking open but this time, our son was sniffling and crying.  “The Tooth Fairy didn’t come!” he whimpered.  We acted shocked and told him she must have been busy but that’s really unusual.  We told him she would probably come tomorrow.  As we all mobilized into our routines of dressing, combing, brushing and eating I couldn’t shake the feeling that we had let our boy down.  So while he was brushing his teeth, I tiptoed into his bedroom, opened his window to let the blistering cold air rush in.  I left the window wide open, replaced the tooth box with a fist full of cash and tiptoed out.  A few minutes later he calls me, “Dad!”.  I came in pretending to be too busy to pay much attention.   He pointed at the window and I immediately started scolding him about how he should never open windows because its dangerous.  He proclaimed his innocence but I insisted “if you didn’t open it then who did?”.  Poor kid didn’t get it so I nudged him along by asking if he thinks the tooth fairy was running late.   His eyes opened wide and he rushed to the pillow to uncover $5.  His smile was well worth the 10 minutes of internet surfing time it cost me that morning.  Mission accomplished, Tooth Fairy lives to fly another day…and she did.




How I'm Saving $350 a Month With the Envelope System

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The other day, I was at the bank, and teller politely asked why I was withdrawing several hundred dollars into cash. "Oh, I'm going all-cash now," I responded, smiling. He seemed confused. "Oh! Well...uh, huh," he said, slowly. "You know, there are a lot of advantages of using our online checking accounts - they're a lot of simpler, you know?"

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Thought this was a good blog about Personal Finance and what people call the "Envelope System". We did this when we first got our first house. Its a really good way of saving money. Some people do another version of this but with checking accounts...

Baltimore Fans are Passionate

Baltimore Ravens logo

Baltimore Ravens logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live in the Baltimore area. Been here for over 10 years now. While living here, people would ask me, who is my favorite football team… I would say, I root for the Ravens, Redskins and Steelers (yeah, I know too many teams… I have moved around a few times) but I am a FAN of the Bears… I think I am about to add a second team to that FAN category. But I need to be careful  I do not want to seem like I am jumping on the Ravens bandwagon just because they won the Super Bowl. So I guess I need to gain acceptance from a member of the Raven Nation…  Before I get yelled at by my fellow Bears Fans (Karl, Patrick, Jason) don’t worry, Bears will always, ALWAYS be number one in my heart.

This football season I couldn’t help but to get behind the Ravens. The playoffs were exciting. Heck, the whole season was exciting. Lots of ups and downs. I always knew the Ravens had their loyal fans. But my god, did you see the parade? Local news reports say that there were 200,000 people in attendance to watch the parade and celebration at the stadium.

200,000 !!!

I was really impressed with the turn out and how the city put on the celebration. As an adult I never lived in a Championship City before. I have lived in Chicago area during the Bulls “Repeat Three peat!”, but I was just a kid. But watching the parade and the celebration in the city, I thought it was just as cool as cool can be. Awesome, truly awesome. Times like this I am really happy for my friends Gary and Karen. They bleed purple, and their kids bleed purple…

I am not the biggest Ray Lewis fan, but the city has really gotten behind him and supported him. When Ray Lewis’ vehicle came along in the parade, the barricades could not hold the people back, and they swarmed Ray’s vehicle, and a lot of the fans walked with that vehicle all the way to the stadium. I seriously thought things were going to get out of control. But they didn’t get out of control, the fans were just that NUTS… or some would say… Passionate.


Take a look at WBALTV and look at the pics/videos. Also look at the Baltimore Sun’s coverage too.

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Sunday Evening Ache – Super Bowl Edition

3 February, 2013 ...item 2b.. Super Bowl 2013 ...

3 February, 2013 …item 2b.. Super Bowl 2013 Predictions: Ravens vs. 49ers in Super Bowl 47 (27 – 24) — become a #MaddenInsider …item 3.. Super Bowl Recipe: Bacon and Shrimp Dip by Danny Serfer (Jan. 30 2013) … (Photo credit: marsmet481)

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You hear a lot at the beginning of the season about how much of a company’s time and money is wasted because of the football season and Fantasy Football…

I wonder how much time and money is spent due to low production on the day after the Super Bowl. That Monday… Think about it… people are either, tired because the stayed up watching it all, or they are hung over (if they could even make it into work)… I will probably be one of the tired people. If the game is close I will watch it all. If it is a 49er blowout, I will be at work on Monday no problem with no Super Bowl side effects.

But what if the Raven’s win? I can tell you this… I will be very tired. I will watch ALL of the game, ALL of the post game celebration on CBS, then I will flip over to the Local Baltimore stations and watch all the celebrations and all the Fed Hill Crazies celebrating.

Maybe I will call in and tell ‘em I am coming in later than normal – If my supervisor is reading this… consider this a warning :-)

I love the Super Bowl. At the same time its depressing. Still gotta get to work on Monday…Then what do I watch on Sundays? I still have weeks to go before Baseball, and March Madness … Its a bummer